Live/Work Apartment Floor Plans

There are also two large (600 s.f.) ground floor units that open to Union Avenue, in Westbury, a major thoroughfare. These can be described as Live/Work units. Live/Work permits the residents of the two apartments, who could be wheelchair bound, to live in and work out of their apartment. (See floor plan below.) As an example, a wheelchair bound person who prepares income tax returns could conduct h/her business from their home and thus be self-supporting.

The rent for a single person in this unit will be $799 a month.  Under state guidelines, a single person cannot be eligible unless s/he earns less than $34,000 a year, while a two person household cannot earn more than $38,850 a year.

Shared Living Unit Floor Plans

Each of three 1-bedroom units has approximately 280 s.f. of private space, which includes a private bedroom, an accessible bathroom, a kitchenette and a dining area. In addition to this space, there is 400 s.f. of common space. As a result, each individual tenant has the use of almost 700 square feet of space: including a large kitchen that has an additional private refrigerator, a dining area and social area.  This is a very cost effective living space combining both privacy and spacious common areas. They will have their privacy and they will have the advantage of having caring companions.  New York State regulations permit persons who are young as well as old to occupy these units. 

The monthly rent for a single person is $635 and the State income eligibility limit is $27,200.  For two-person household, the income limit is $31,080. 

Applications for prospective tenants are available from

Stanan Management,
33 Front Street,
Hempstead, NY  11530 
Phone (516) 486-1000.

After a prospective tenant fills out an application and is declared eligible, an apartment visit can be arranged. Persons who are physically challenged of any age are encouraged to apply.

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