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NY Times- 12/29/2002

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Act II with Newsday WLIW21- 2004


Apex Action-Summer 2013
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State Senator Martins visits Apex I and II-5/6/2011

Senator Jack Martins and Community Residents

Msgr. Riordan, Howard Kimmel and                          Isabel, Jennie and Erica Amaya
Sen. Jack Martins                                                 with Sen. Jack Martins

Lloyd Goldfarb Park Dedication-4/22/2010

Thank you all so much for joining us at our dedication of the Lloyd Goldfarb Park at our Apex buildings in Westbury.


Judi Bosworth and Michelle Schimmel and a wonderful crowd of Lloyd's friends

   Rabbi Widom


                                                                 A beautiful garden

The Goldfarb family


                                                 Myron Holtz


Lloyd's plaque