Kimmel Housing Development Foundation Board of Directors

We have 9 volunteer Board Members:

Lawrence Kimmel
Ronald Kisner-Vice President

Stuart C. Kaplan-Treasurer
Sheryl Silverstein

Steven G. Tepper

Evelyn Wolff-Secretary

Victor A. Wyler-President 

Michael S. Zarin


Our Staff

Howard Kimmel, Chairman Emeritus of the Board and retired Administrator of the State Division of Housing Community Renewal.

Ellen Kelly, EVP, Site Development, former Director of Planning and Community Development of the Incorporated Village of Freeport, NY .

Kennetha Pettus, Managing Director

Alan Rothenberg, Technology/Planning

Retired CEO's:

Roberta Treacy, President/CEO, retired Senior Vice President, Dime Savings Bank of NY.

Tony D'Urso, the retired Assistant Commissioner of the Office of Architecture Engineering and Construction for the Department of Housing Development Administration of the City of New York.

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